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        Product name: white protective suit with cap

        Size: M, L, XL, XXL


        ─ with double material, protection and comfortable air permeability.

        ─ treated with antistatic protective clothing material, suitable for application in the field of electronics and so on need static control.

        ─ the CE certification, and effective protection particles ( class 5 protection) and (class 6 protection).

        ─ can be used with other individual protective equipment, improve the security.

        ─ thumb loop design, effectively prevent the cuffs are slippery.

        ─ overlock seam design, improve the joint strength.

        ─ reusable until it damaged, contaminated with blood or body fluids, or abide by the relevant local guide.

        ─ should be stored in a clean environment to prevent damage, dirty, dust, direct sunlight, high temperature and harmful chemical pollution and so on, at the same time to avoid deformation of masks.

        ─ maintenance-free type, do not cleaning, do not microwave sterilization.

        ─ no matter when, if the breathing resistance greaten, breath not free, please leave the contaminated area immediately and replace the face mask, mask for the replacement of filter cotton or filter box.

      Packing: 25 pieces/carton

        Type: Coverall

        Material:SMS/PP/SMMS/SF(microporous film)

        Weight: 20-70gsm

        Feature: antistatic, anti-dust, anti-oil, anti-blood, waterproof, alcohol restistant


        Cuff: elastic, or knitted cuffs,

        Waist: elastic on waist/back, or without elastic

        Collar: single collar/with hood or hood&boot

        Zipper: with zipper storm cover flap, adhesive tape on it or without adhesive tape

        Crotch: with or without reinforced cortch.

        Size: S-5XL

        Packing: 1pcs/bag, 24bags/ctn

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